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In 1994, nobody knew what a Trading Card Game was.
That's because back then they didn't exist. About that time,
Richard Garfied invented Magic: The Gathering -- the first
trading card game (TCG). Now, there's oodles of differnent
and exciting TCG's out there.

Trading card games are a little bit of the best of many
things. They''re sold and traded just like baseball and football
cards. But instead of just sitting in a shoebox, you use the
cards to play games. They combine the strategy of chess
with the luck and bluffery of poker. And each card has
eye-popping artwork. Some people just collect the cards for
the artwork and don't bother playing the game at all.

Magic: The Gathering is so fun and popular is has been
translated into half a dozen languages, including Japanese,
and is played on 5 continents. It's all over the world. Boys,
girls, men, women, young, old... Something in trading card
games appeal to almost everyone.

If you're not playing trading card games, you're not having as
much fun as you could be.