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wpeC.jpg (7078 bytes) Role Playing Games and Military Strategy Games are
the perfect thing to do when you are tired of playing video
games. (Yes, people do take breaks from video games.) If
you haven't tried them, you're really missing out -- no
matter how old you are. It's FUN! Get together with a
group of friends, create a fictional character and a world for
your character to adventure in, and you're off. It's almost
like a movie.

No matter what your interests, we have a game you'll like.
Like fantasy? No problem, we've got plenty of fantasy
games, too many to list here. Like Sci-Fi? We've got that
covered, too. From Cyberpunk to Star Wars, you can play
it. What about intrigue and conspiracies like The X-Files?
Yep, got that too. Role playing games can let you be
anyone, anywhere, anytime, and having fun all the while.

What about hard-hitting, life-like military strategy games?
Of course we have them! You can fight on the battlefields
of ancient Rome, fight Napoleon (or be Napoleon!) at
Waterloo, defend the Union in the Civil War, and be a part
of all the wars in the 20th Century. Are you as good as
Napoleon? Now you can find out.