hclogo2005.gif (2748 bytes)
wpeF.jpg (6588 bytes) When you think of comic books, you think of
Superman and Spiderman, don't you? Well, sure.
They're comic book heroes, right? We grew up on super
heroes, and we've got them at Hobby Chest.

But if you think comic books are only about super
heroes, then you've been kidnapped by aliens for the
past five years. Today's selection of comic books offers
people the most engaging, well-written, memorable
stories available. 1997 marks the tenth anniversary of
the famous book, Legends Of The Dark Knight, and
you've got to read this book.

And with our large collection of graphic novels, you don't
have to wait each month to get the next part of a story.
You can just buy the complete story collected in one
volume. Now that's fun, and convenient!